November 14-17, 2018

I FINISHED UNI! Hooray! Finally some free time to work on this site and other projects.

I spent a bit of time this week writing a Chrome browser extension. The idea is that it will translate random words while you browse, but not whole sentences. The user is therefore able to comprehend what the word means and thus learn the language. The language and proportion of words to be randomly translated are both based on user configuration.

The experience was really good and build my JavaScript knowledge a bit (I finally learned to use XMLHttpRequest). Unfortunately, the Google Translation API costs $20/million characters, so it won't be economically viable to release this extension to the web store. I'm thinking of uploading the sourcecode here (minus Google API Key) if anyone else wants to have a look. There were also some bugs that I haven't ironed out, there isn't much filtering for HTML tags vs. page content so some pages completely break.

Next: Setting up SSL for this damned website!
After that: make this damned page dynamic and based on a DB of posts or something (yes at the moment I am unfortunately typing all of this out manually).


September, 2018

ParticlesJS took longer to implement than I expected, mostly because my understanding of not only JavaScript, but also HTML and CSS could be considered flawed at best. I'm pretty happy with the results though! I shot myself in the foot a little bit because I am determined to get a firmer grasp of raw HTML and CSS before introducing proper dynamic content.

While restructuring the website and adding new pages, repeating the same header information (e.g. the title of the page, where to get the icon, stylesheet, other stuff. View source if you want details) was tedious and is an obvious entry point for human error. I think my next task will be to learn how HTML and CSS handle maintaining a parent page with sub pages that inherit those sorts of details from the parent. This will of course link back with DRY principles, and as a young programmer in my first year of professional work, I am all about that DRY.

Migrating from GCP to AWS

July, 2018

Originally this site was created as part of a university assignment, and at the time GCP was easier to understand than AWS. Now however, I am using AWS for work so it makes more sense to use that. As of this writing (July 2018) this site has been moved from GCP Storage to AWS S3. One of my next steps will be to introduce a backend to serve dynamic content, whether this means setting up a server ƒor using containerisation will depend on whatever functionality I end up deciding to implement.

One of the issues I had with moving from Google Cloud Storage to AWS S3 was using CNAME entries when this domain is not hosted in AWS Route53. I wasn't able to use a bucket called youre-nicked, it had to be the full www.yourenicked.net. Generally speaking AWS was a simpler process though.